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As an XSprofessional, you will able to share your service and expertise with the world. Give consultations or attend business meetings, all without leaving your home or office. Your time is valuable and that is why we give you all the tools that you need in one place. Manage your professional presence from anywhere that has an internet connection. Join today and offer your services to a bigger market.

As a client of, you will be able to find who and what you need, when you need it. see more >>
As an XSprofessional, you will able to share your service and expertise with the world. see more >>
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We make it possible for you to replicate your physical business environment on the internet. see more >>
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Conference System

The XSPROFESSIONALS Conference System brings previously separate tools together, for the first time, into a manageable and attractive toolbar. The system is capable of supporting a sophisticated business info structure. Share documents, screens and participate in on-line meetings with real time video and audio chat. Set up a room and invite only who you want. The possibilities are endless with the XS control panel and conference system.

Clear navigation and an intuitive user interface make it easy to navigate the conference system. A great deal of thought has been put into the development of the entire system and it shows when you use the system.

Language and communication

Translate content on the fly and share your valuable information with clients all over the world. Global language support and a drive for accessibility make your number one source for global communication.


Keep your company informed with up to date information and relevant announcements.


Share important documents, files and information with our professional system.

Keeping track of your activity is easy with our status bar. Quickly see who is on-line and in conferences with one quick look. Identify your associates and business partners easily.


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As a client of, you will be able to find who and what you need, when you need it. Gain valuable connections professionals from around the world that specialize in a variety of professions. Contact a lawyer for a virtual consultation or find informational documents shared by experts in that given topic. is your connection; join today.

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